Joomla Development

Joomla offers an excellent platform to build dynamic websites that are secure, scalable, and feature-rich. Joomla has secured its place as one of the most favoured content management systems with its extensive in-house directory of extensions and the flexibility to integrate plug-ins that can also be downloaded from external sources.

Potenza is a Joomla web development company that helps small and large scale businesses by leveraging the open-source code of Joomla to create diverse yet comprehensive websites ranging from personal blogs to complex e-commerce websites.

The number of websites running on Joomla stands a little over 78 million and thus it takes more than plain technical insight to face the competition. Every Joomla developer of the Potenza family brings to the client’s website fresh ideas, modern creativity and years of experience.

How can using Joomla be advantageous for the business?

  • Hassle-free integration with multimedia tools including audio, video as well as feeds from social media platforms
  • Fully extendible format that allows for integration with external modules, plug-ins, payment gateways and even transfers between databases
  • Open source code and an ever-growing community of Joomla developers creates a large support base that makes way for improvements and enhancements
  • Thousands of themes and templates to choose from and fine tune to suit your taste and requirements

What Potenza offers as a leading Joomla web development company?

  • Development of robust, scalable and responsive Joomla websites
  • Special focus on client’s requirements to offer relevant and comprehensive solutions
  • Analysis of requirements and market trends to create websites that attract potential customers
  • Custom theme development to reflect brand’s identity
  • Custom template development for an enhanced user experience
  • Development of mobile friendly website that retains structure and resolution even on small screens
  • Custom plug-in development to extend on the basic functionalities
  • Custom component development to transform the way information is displayed
  • Custom module development to enhance functionality and ease of operations
  • Support and maintenance services post go-live for uninterrupted services
Potenza offers unrivalled Joomla web development services that promise to brew for you a melange of innovation and technical expertise.

Share with us your idea and see it transform into an appealing and noteworthy online presence.

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