Independent Verification And Validationn

Independent Verification and Validation services involve the testing of an application by a third-party organization during any or every phase of the software development cycle to ensure its alignment with the user’s specification of requirements. It is specifically carried out by a third-party organization so it works as a separate identity to identify bugs that may have been overlooked by the development team.

Stringent deadlines, limited budgets and an overwhelming workload can cause the development team and the associated testing team to miss on some of the much important functionalities specified by the client. The IV&V team works independent of influences and delivers the best results. Both static and dynamic tests can be made a part of this process to ascertain suitability of a lgorithms and loophole-free integration with various interfaces.

Potenza is a core testing company that houses testing professionals who embark on their testing excursion with skill, domain knowledge, experience and the latest tools and technologies.

Potenza’s IV&V services include

Performance Testing
Regression Testing
Automation Testing
System Integration Testing
User Acceptance Testing
System Functional and Non-Functional Testing
As a core testing company, we ensure your interests are not compromised and the expenses paid towards development bring value and precision.

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