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Potenza is house to a great number of expert and experienced developers, programmers, designers and analysts. Our Hire Developer model lets you hire single or a team of dedicated resources with the desired skill set and experience at a preferred pricing model.

Hiring dedicated resources guarantee streamlined processes and shorter development cycles. Steady pace, regular updates and exclusive efforts have made this model a huge success among companies seeking offshore development services. This model also leads to reduced recruitment and training costs; thus making it cost-effective.

Potenza lets its clients reap maximum benefits by opting for this model. Greater security and ease of management is obtained through various tools, round-the-clock support is provided across geographies and time-zones, confidentiality and data protection is maintained through strict NDA terms and skill and expertise of qualified resources is offered at competitive prices. A variety of pricing models further extend the control over budget and results making this model a profitable outsourcing solution.

Achieve excellence with Potenza

How can choosing Potenza be profitable for your business?
  • Tailor made pricing models
  • Better control over teams and resources
  • Certified and experienced resources
  • Round the clock connectivity with the offshore team
  • Periodic updates and daily reports for performance monitoring
  • Project management tools like Basecamp, Jira etc. to supervise completion of targets
  • Timely deliveries of cost-effective solutions
  • Secure offshore development centres to ensure data protection
  • Uninterrupted support across geographical locations and time-zones
  • Strict adherence to deadlines to ensure timeliness of solutions
  • Only authorized access to source code

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