Engagement Models

Hourly Cost Model

This model takes into account the number of resource hours exploited towards the completion of the project.


This model is relevant to businesses with dynamic needs and variable scope. A project with specifications and requirements unfolding in due course of time must engage its resources in an hourly cost model.


TThis model gives the clients an extended control over the process. With room for alterations in terms of team size, resource allocation and requirements provides the business a cost-effective flexibility.

Fixed Price Model

As the name suggests, this model works on a fixed price arrangement. The payment is dispensed upon completion of milestones that are predefined and agreed upon by both the parties before the commencement of the project.


This model is relevant for businesses with a more defined outline of milestones and goals to be achieved within a stipulated time frame.


This model ensures better planning in terms of resources, cost and timely deliveries. With a predefined roadmap, the risks are less with a smooth flow of processes.

Dedicated Development Team

This model enables the client to hire dedicated designers and developers with the desired set of skills and technical expertise to meet the business expectations.


This model is relevant to businesses requiring employment of resources with higher levels of technical expertise and experience. Complex projects that suffer from talent attrition can opt for this model to sustain themselves by hiring dedicated designers and developers who work exclusively towards achieving a singular goal.


In this model the business has a competent pool at its disposal to meet the project’s technical demands. It also involves assurance of duly signed NDA to preserve client’s rights to confidentiality.

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