Business Consulting

Business Strategy Consulting

Attracting relevant traffic to your website remains one of the major goals of online marketing. With relevant traffic comes lesser bounce rates, increased conversions and improved ROI. We stress on carrying out a detailed analysis of demographics that include age, gender, interests, preferred social media platforms, increased activity durations etc. to devise insightful strategies to give your business the desired boost.

Building on existing strategies and venturing out in all directions is crucial for expanding digitally. With industry best practices as a reference point, we analyze and evaluate market trends, consumer behaviours and expectations, results of former strategies and growth statistics to devise solutions that are relevant to the latest developments. Digital expansion calls for a proactive approach that aligns itself to changes in the digital marketing trends.

In order to effectively engage customers over longer periods of time, your digital marketing strategies require constant revision and remodelling. Outdated techniques make you lose customers by the minute and give way to decreasing ROI. Hence, continuous and innovative efforts must be made in marketing campaigns in order to retain customers and their loyalty.

Brand Image Consulting

The identity of your brand and the faith it instils in your customers is your most powerful marketing tool. Every brand has a story and a unique way in which it connects with the customers. We help you create a strong brand identity by incorporating brand values, ethics, ideals and goals in the brand’s image. This image is further reinforced in people’s minds through logos, images, introductory videos and taglines that reflect the brand’s image in every aspect.

Having a prominent brand identity is as essential as your marketing techniques. We begin by performing a detailed analysis of your current stand in the market, the goals you wish to achieve and the milestones you target to hit on the way. We dive deep into the history of your company to discover brand tactics that have produced substantial results and how they can be formulated in accordance with the latest market trends to bring in more revenue.

Digital Strategy and UX Consulting

Building engaging websites from scratch is our forte. We owe this gift to our unmatched ability to design with the perspective of a customer. Understanding user behaviours on a personal level help in combating dead-ends and alleviating pain areas. Creating a user-friendly website has its foundation deep rooted in an insightful and comprehensive analysis of your target customer’s age, gender, geography, education, skills etc. We strive to evaluate these stats before beginning with the design and development.

We put careful thought in the placing of different elements of your business to provide ease of navigation and accessibility to the user. Services and products are displayed intuitively so as to grab user’s attention and prioritized according to results of market and consumer research. Well-organized structure and a hassle-free purchase process are essential when targeting for increased conversions. We help you design a well-structured website that presents desired information in a clear format.

Content Marketing Consulting and Copywriting

Content has emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tool in today’s world. With many B2B and B2C companies relying solely on content marketing, the influence of the written word cannot be undermined. Potenza strongly believes in the power a well-formatted and hard-hitting content holds and delivers freshly brewed content that remains consistent in ideology and integrity across multiple marketing platforms.

Employing generic strategies is a thing of the past and breeds insignificant results. We specialize in focusing on your business operations and the customers it targets to create fresh, innovative and relevant content that effectively increases sales and develops profitable business-consumer relationships. Our expert content developers understand and exploit the versatility of different platforms to increase traffic while retaining consistency in exhibiting brand’s identity.

Our team of SEO specialists further ensure that the content on your website earns you higher search engine rankings and thus more hits. Intriguing headlines, appealing graphics, interactive multimedia elements and descriptive and direct content help your landing pages retain visitors and increase the prospect of sales.

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