Classified Listing 1

Vehicle Classified Listing 1

Empower car dealers with our classified list layout, enabling them to create a dynamic WordPress classified listing website. Visitors can effortlessly publish their car inventory, while the template's customization options and abundant features cater to diverse needs. Experience it firsthand by visiting our demo!
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Classified Listing 2

Vehicle Classified Listing 2

Our car dealer WordPress theme's classified template empowers car dealers to efficiently manage inventory, enhance visibility, and simplify car inventory search for website visitors. Experience seamless inventory management and drive your business forward with our powerful template. Experience the impact by visiting our demo today!
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Classified Listing 3

Vehicle Classified Listing 3

Our captivating second template for classified listings allows car dealers to showcase car inventory videos in the top section, instantly grabbing visitors' attention. The integrated inventory search filter ensures a seamless browsing experience. Experience the impact by visiting our demo today!
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Classified Listing 4

Vehicle Classified Listing 4

Our powerful template features a prominent search functionality placed above the banner section, engaging and guiding users to easily find car inventory. This user-friendly design saves time, captures attention, and drives visitors to take action, boosting growth for car dealers.
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Search and Filters

Advanced Search and Filters

Advanced search functionality with amazing filters & endless search parameters. With the advanced filter option visitors can find cars based on type, price, colour & lot more.
Pricing Plan

Flexible Membership Options

The Car Dealer Theme features a comprehensive membership structure with both premium and free listing options. List limited cars through a free plan or create unlimited listings using premium subscription.
PayPal Integrations

PayPal Integrations

We added a new feature Pricing Plan. Pricing Plan allows end users to register with your site as a Dealer and add their vehicles to your site according to their current active plan.
Car Comparison

Vehicle Comparison

Add a vehicle comparison tool to your website to make car buying easier for customers. Vehicle comparison lets your consumers assess various automobiles' specs simultaneously, so that they can make more informed decisions.
Frontend Submission

Solution Frontend Listing Submission

Our car dealer WordPress theme offers the Frontend Listing Submission feature, allowing car dealers to easily upload their inventory directly from the website frontend. This streamlines the process, saves time, and enables dealers to showcase & upload their vehicles promptly and effortlessly.
Sold Listing

Vehicle Sold Listing

Boost buyer confidence with our "Sold Listing" feature in our car dealer WordPress theme. Visitors can easily identify sold cars, instilling trust and credibility in the dealership, creating a seamless buying experience.
  • Indicates sold inventory accurately.
  • Builds buyer trust.
  • Enhances transparency.
  • Streamlines inventory management.
  • Improves user experience.