Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends That Retailers Embrace In 2017

Mobile commerce- The next Gen E commerce is taking the world over as mobile usage is amounting to gazillions.

The year 2016 witnessed the amazing growth in online selling through mobile apps, and 2017 is anticipated as the most promising and exciting for mobile commerce.


According to the smart insights report, “The mobile commerce is expected to get double and projected to become a $250 billion market by 2020.


The interesting stats stimulating the retailers to get prepared for the shift to keep pace with the changing customers’ trends. Here are hard-to-resist 5 mobile commerce trends that more and more retailers will be following in 2017.


M-Commerce Development


Investment for amazing customer experiences


In a survey, it’s concluded that customers are ready to pay for better experiences. Understanding the influence of new technology, the retailers are embracing augmented reality, virtual reality, and wearable technology.


Augmented reality allure the customers to do shopping, virtual reality let the customers feel the product before making actual purchase and wearable technology eliminate the hassle of taking out the mobile out of the pocket.


Analytics and predictive technologies takes important place


A push to the personalization is on the rage and increasingly retailers are crafting the solutions that’re tailor-made to the customers’ needs and interest.


The analytics solution will be highly in 2017 used to recognize the customer’s needs, the shopping behaviour, and the preferences to take the intelligent merchandising decisions.


Consequently, the customers will get delighted when instead of bombarding of discount notifications, they get messages related to what they are looking to buy. It makes the online marketing worth rewarding and don’t forget the personalized retargeting as well.


Mobile wallet will become new standard


During Ecommerce web development or M-commerce app development, the retailers integrate the myriad of the payment options to enable the users checkout with a  great ease.


Mobile wallets like- Apple pay, Walmart pay, PayPal, or Google wallet are highly in use and expected to account 60% of the gross transactions happen in 2017. Even, it’s predicted that customers will drift away if they will be asked to enter the plastic card info to make the payment. Ensure your store allows the customers pay using the wallets.


Leveraging social to sell more


Social channels are the biggest drivers that are helping the retailers to tap into social to widen the reach to the customers and improve the conversion rate. On an average 60% of the USA adults spend most of their time on the social media using mobile.


With social feeds, the gross sales and traffic volume can be uplifted to an unimaginable level. See how.


The Facebook store or social posting are the best examples of it wherein the products’ description appear on the Facebook, or Instagram and when the customers click on the product they will be redirected to the online store.


Adherence to the timely delivery


With mobile usage, the customers prefer to get the things in the real-time, but it’s not possible with online shopping.


However, same day delivery or delivery within a few hours has become a trend that customers look for and even ready to pay extra for such services. To stay ahead in the competition, Amazon has taken an initiative of drone delivery where the orders can be delivered in 13 minutes.


It’s all about what customers expect and what E-retailers are trying to do. With multiple shipping options and timely delivery, the retailers can win more customers in 2017.


What’s gaining momentum?


It’s no brainer to discuss that mobile commerce has reached a saturation point or there is a long way to go. The future of the online commerce is in the hands of mobile commerce. Hopping onto M-commerce bandwagon certainly help the retailers to capitalize and enhance the customer experiences. Drive-in success in 2017 with mobile commerce!

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Jan 26, 2017

Hi, yes this paragraph is truuly good and I hhave learned
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