Top 10 Reasons To Embrace Responsive Web Design

With the astronomical growth of mobile phones, no mobile strategy means lurking the business future in the dark. Presently, no business can afford to move in the direction opposite to the customer trends, market conditions, and advanced technology.

With the astronomical growth of mobile phones, no mobile strategy means lurking the business future in the dark. Presently, no business can afford to move in the direction opposite to the customer trends, market conditions, and advanced technology.
This is a mobile world, where the mobile sale and mobile usage have overtaken the desktop. It indicates to grow by leaps and bounds, going mobile way is all-important for the businesses. The websites the business are using to showcase their services and offerings online must be mobile-friendly.
That’s where responsive web design is the best solution, which businesses should employ to alleviate the need of creating different websites for distinct devices. 
Responsive Web Design
Take a look at what are the benefits of crafting responsive websites:
1) Enrich user experience
When the users can browse the website on any device without zooming or scrolling the content, the user experience gets improved. The consistency and the adaptability to various screen sizes build the brand and increase the brand recognition. 
2) Updation becomes a breeze
Making changes to multiple websites is time expensive, but with a responsive website, the programmers need to make changes just once in the coding, and the modification gets easily reflected on all the websites running on different devices.
3) Good performance
The responsive website design collects more brownie points at loading speed. The mobile optimized website must load within 2-3 seconds, else the users get frustrated and leave the website. Additionally, Google standards have mandated the high loading speed as a crucial factor to get the website to the top position. 
4) Saves huge dollars
Building the websites for every device is neither a good alternative nor every business can have the funds for. Here, the responsive website turns out to be highly economical wherein at the cost of building one website, multiple websites get built.
5) No content duplication
The content duplication is marked as negative by the search engine crawlers, and when different mobile websites are built, the crawlers get confused and as a result, the SERP gets impacted. Certainly, this won’t happen with responsive websites. Thus, you are saved…
6) Easy Sharing 
Ranking the website to the first position includes several parameters and link building is one of them. For high-quality link building, the businesses need to maximize the sharing and promotion of the website link. With responsive website development, just one link is shared and all link juice gets redirected to one domain.
7) Google recommendation
In 2012, Google made an announcement that the website with one URL and the same HTML code would get easily crawled and indexed by the bots. Moreover, the improved user experience and loading speed are also taken into the consideration by the Google. Engineer the responsive website, if you want Google to like your online presence.
8) Build the website for future
The responsive designs are highly adaptable, which works impeccably, regardless of device type, screen size, and platform. It implies when the responsive website is built, it will work immaculately on all the devices to come in future. 
9) Gain mobile traffic
The mobile has become one of the valuable assets that enable everything at the fingertips and that’s the reason more and more people are going mobile. The responsive website is a great treat for the businesses as they will be able to gain the mobile traffic as well, in turn, the reach to the customers get increased. 
10) Guaranteed ROI
The responsive require less maintenance during the whole lifetime, and the investment made in the responsive website development would really pay off as 90% of the mobile searches leads to an online shopping or the business website visit. It indicates the customer outreach and conversion get improved as opposed to competitors with a responsive design.
In this mobile world, where the plethora of apps is found for every need, going mobile allows businesses to step in with the trend. But, it’s not optimum in the ever-evolving technological world. The businesses need to stay ahead of the game by upgrading with the changing technology, market and customer needs.
That’s where responsive website excels, which covers all the factors that will be advantageous to all the stakeholders. Deliver efficient services alongside great experience by teaming up with outstanding responsive web design services.

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