Web designing is a process of gathering creative ideas, arranging and applying them to the website which solely conveys the purpose of it to its visitors online.

At times your website does not get much business, It's not because that your website does not contain good portfolio or the outlook of the web page is not good, still it is hidden or ignored somewhere over the internet. Converting  website from zero customers to numerous customers it is not easy, but It is definitely possible to make it happen.

Why should you go for website designing?

A professionally designed website by a website design company will be quicker and more well-organized,  also enhances the content of your website which definitely get you more business through it.

It communicates your clients the correct message in relation to the class of business you have and  absolutely be a magnet to the customers for your products and services for every single reason.

It strengthens your brand, A website that is exclusive for your big business and has been intended and designed particularly for you will take effort with your business and reinforce what are you demanding to attain.

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Steps to the successful website designing

  • We, Potenza Global solutions, a website design company at its Initial phase of website designing, ask few basic questions to our clients to get a proper picture in mind what exactly they want, which will help us to set the goals and objectives for web designing. 
  • Following are the top ten simple questions which can help in determining an accurate solution for meeting client’s business requirements. These questions will help you get the needed information before proceeding to the web design project.

1. What category of population will be the target audience for your website (income, interests, gender, 
This question can help you get an idea about the potential visitors and frame the website design accordingly. Site meant for teenagers will definitely look funkier than a site meant for professionals.

2. Please provide the names of your top competitors and give the difference between you and them?
The online platform is brimming with more and more businesses making the competition fierce than ever. Your website will be compared to a number of websites in your niche. This implies that your website has to be unique and give an exceptional look and feel.

3. What actions do you want the visitors to perform on your site?
Different websites serve different purposes such as selling products, providing information, enabling visitors to make a call or fill a form, etc. Based on the needs of the client, the website structure, functionality, and design can be determined.

4. What is your deadline for project completion and your budget?
This will help you in throwing light on various pricing and concept numbers.

5. What functionalities and features are to be used on your website (contact us form, images, video, etc.)?
The answer to this question will help in knowing various pricing and concept numbers.

6. Please provide names of three websites which you like and the reason for your choices?
Answering this question with links and visual examples will be more appropriate.

7. Would you like to specifically include any color on your website? Do you want a specific look and feel for the website?
This answer to this question helps in getting it right from the start.

8. Which person will be the Point of Contact (POC) for this project and what will be the turnaround time (TAT)?
To avoid confused communications, there should be only one POC. Also mention the time within which this person will reply so that the project can be completed within the deadline.

9. Is there any text, content, color, graphic elements that you wish to avoid specifically?
The answer to this question can help in avoiding reworks and a lot of time can be saved.

10. Please provide the Navigational Structure or Main Menu of the website.
This helps in organizing the design of the layout.

  • Next step is to gather various creative ideas suiting to the objectives of the client and designing it with the key choices on color of the website, fonts, texts, layouts and many more options will finally make a prototype website.
  • Post creation of a  prototype website , We ask our clients for their approval on it, Once it is approved, we post it online so that it exactly meets the need and the objectives of the clients and also generate business rater than being nonexistent over the internet with no use of website.
  • We put together the ideas actually online, and also let our client test the functionality of the website, If  any modification is required we definitely alter it as per their demand.

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  • We are creative, user friendly and very functional professional website design company at a very reasonable price.
  • We have a team of web designers, experts which caters the exact needs and wants of the clients .
  • We are very dedicated and honest in our work and  create limitless layouts and page styles to make completely custom site within the same website and makes it attractive and unique.
  • Our web designs are visually attractive and bring genuine and helpful content with a consistent appearance.
  • We  put all of the essential steps that require to construct a successful website and our mission is to make our client proud on their websites and achievement of what they desire from it.

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