We work to ensure your visitors become your prospects, and eventually become your customers. To achieve this we need to step into your customers shoes and develop a web strategy which is developed keeping your customer as the focal point.

The Exploration phase
This is where we sit across the table and explore the ways you can develop your online business. The idea is to go deep into the requirements and to know what the outcome you expect. We try to learn what you do, how you do, what customers you have, what is been valued by your customers and many more similar areas. The idea is get a feel of your business and then delve deep into your customer’s expectation. At the end, we know you better and you know us better.
Developing the plan
Having gone through the ‘exploration phase’ we get a good hold of your business and the set of customers you want to have. We have now got a base from where we can start working on. In this phase we develop a model which helps you understand what the final product is going to look like. We present you our idea of how your online business should be. Then we listen to your comments/ feedback and further fine tune the model. At the end you have a prototype of the end product and we are ready to kick start development.
Design phase
This is the phase where you start receiving visuals of how your online business will look to the real world. We develop multiple concepts and share with you to review. Once you can compare the concepts you start developing an insight on improving the designs and get the best of both the worlds. Once the concept is finalized we start rolling all the designs related to all the pages of the website.
Technical development phase
It is now time to start pumping life into your designs and get them rolling. We make the designs functional and apply the best practice to ensure your online business is not only scalable but also secure and standard compliant. We test the functionality in depth and are now ready for you to check your online business inside-out.
Go Live
Once we have done the quality check, we ask you to go for a test drive. We ensure that you are able to manage the online business efficiently and with minimal support from our end. Once you give us the green signal we are get your online business on the web, visible to the world.
Update and maintenance
We ensure that we are on your side whenever you need us. Be it bringing new features to the site or improving its existing functionality. We ensure that your online business is in sync with the latest technological advancement happening in the world of internet.