Businesses all over the world today are adopting the Offshore Outsourcing Model to gain cost benefits and render quality services to their customers.

Offshore Development Center

Some benefits of the Offshore Outsourcing model:
  • Realistic cost savings
  • Maximum time benefits
  • Reduced project cycle
  • Exposure to new markets
  • Better finance management
  • Quality product delivery
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Technical excellence.

Potenza offers a deep understanding of client needs and requirements in an offshore mode.

Working on the Offshore model, Potenza engages in direct client interaction, the offshore team then executes the pre-defined design specifications. Our Project co-ordinators are usually onsite to fully understand and develop solutions as per the client’s requirements. The team is mostly concentrated offshore with an onsite co-ordinator interacting continuously with the client.

By following the most prudent software development methodologies, we drive the project through all the required milestones:

Analysis: Based on the scope and the requirements of your project, our will work closely with you to develop documentation.

Design: The technical design specifications will then be charted by our team that will be broadly based on technology requirements, data modeling, object modeling, screen design that will result in a blue-print for the project.

Development: The construction of the project will be monitored by our project team, so as to ensure its consistent quality. Milestone checks will also be in place.

Transfer: Once the project passes extensive bug testing and resolution, it is placed for deployment into the product environment.

Technology Portfolio : 1. Open Source 2. MS technology 3. Java