We understand the importance of keeping your technology rights protected at all times. For companies it is crucial to protect their intellectual property and a non-disclosure agreement with Potenza Global Solutions is the right way to do it.

When we are working for you, all the source code, data structures, documentation, designs etc. are your property; until and unless agreed otherwise. At the end of the contract we transfer all of the above data to you. Hence when you work with Potenza you can stay assured on keeping your technology rights safe and secure.

Having an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is one of the best ways to do it. NDA would provide the client flexibility of sharing all the necessary data to Potenza where it needs technical support and Potenza will make sure to adhere to the NDA policies and thus all the IP rights and technology rights remains with the client, even after the project is complete.

Potenza solutions will ensure the following:
  • IPR Protection
  • Network Security
  • Document Security
  • Client name confidentiality

Ask for a NDA today, even if you have started working with us.