HTML 5, CSS3 & JavaScript are not just the add-ons in the world of web but soon they will become the web. Explore the world of flexibility with these new web standards. Catch them fresh, catch them now!!!


HTML 5, CSS3 & JavaScript bring with them flexibility in all respects of web interactivity. Be it advanced graphics, interactive typography, more lively animations, or smoother transitions; these new technologies help you achieve all of them.

How HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript can improve the user experience:

  • The HTML 5 video tag allows the developer to integrate video within your website code. This certainly makes a big difference when your visitor is accessing your website through tablet or mobiles
  • CSS3 & Scalable vector graphics (SVG) allow you to embed vector based fonts that enrich the appearance of text
  • JavaScript can enable the developer to implement 360 degree elements on your web page

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