When an online social media platform has 1+ billion of active users, the most logical question for businesses comes is “How to take advantage of it?”

Facebook Store Design

When the data says “44% of internet users are Facebook users”, you definitely can’t afford to lose your presence on Facebook. You can actively promote your products through social networking. You can create ad campaigns, you can target the audience more specifically, and however the most important of all you can create a Facebook store. It is easy, fast and effective. Facebook store has lot more to offer than is visible at the first sight. We can help you develop your Facebook store and can help you achieve the power of social media.

Facebook store key areas:
  • Facebook page creation: for your online business
  • Shopping cart integration + catalog management
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Domestic and international shipping customization
  • SEO friendly customization
  • In built tax and currency system update
  • Certification of security
  • Cloud based product management system

Reach to us how your business can take off by adopting the benefits of Facebook.