We understand that one size does not fit all, hence at Potenza Global Solutions we avail you options to choose from. Each engagement model is designed to cater the specific need. Either you are looking for dedicated support, cutting on cost or need to start working on a project which needs immediate attention; we have offerings which will ensure your interests are preserved.

We have specific models which can cater to individuals or companies based on their requirements:

Pay as you use (Hourly cost model)

This model is based on the resource hours you use. It is important for you to ensure that you are paying us only when you are using the resources and not otherwise. When you have no work, you pay nothing and if you need more attention on the work you have access to the resources in this model. Many of times the scope of the projects is not clear at the beginning and you still want to start off the working, hence this model will allow you sufficient flexibility to avail resources as and when you need. The hourly cost will depend on the resource type we deploy for the project. We will share daily/ weekly task sheets for you to review to ensure we are consistent with the project expectation.

Fixed price model

In this model, you are sure about the cost, start date and end date of the project. The scope is clearly defined and both the parties agree to it before the project kicks off. This model suits to companies/ individuals who are clear with the project scope and the timeline.

Dedicated Development Team

This model is highly preferred by companies or individuals who have bigger projects or have many projects at hand. This model not only ensures high transparency but also helps you to make the project cost effective with keeping the development on a fast track.

In a ‘Dedicated Development Team’ model we can avail you:

  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Quality Analyst
  • Support Desk Members

We ensure that we have NDA for these projects, to protect your IP rights, confidentiality; and the source code remains with the client. The team is exclusively dedicated to your project and is available for communication in real time. Hence you can ensure quick execution and have high level of transparency. The team shares daily / weekly report. This is a ‘Value for money’ model.

Reach to us now how our engagement models can add value to your business.