DYO - RSS XML Feeder

Make The Best of Your Feed Reader

Having the freedom to get what you need and the way you need is so much fun. However, when you can access something that is important to you in a matter of seconds and in an automated way, life becomes much easier. Customization is an essential element that helps businesses stay in the competition. It is the new buzz word in the marketing world and the concept helps attract customers. Utilizing this business principle, Potenza Global Solutions has introduced Design Your Own Application concept to help users to get what they want in their own way. Design Your Own RSS XML Feeder is an innovative application, created by talented team of developers at Potenza Global Solutions.

What is Design Your Own RSS XML Feeder?

Design Your Own RSS XML Feeder helps you make the best of your feed reader. This is the era of information overload. It is so difficult for you to choose what you wish to read and what not. With this unique application you can fetch the data you want from the RSS feed reader. It helps you get the information you want based on the mapping details provided. Let us look at how this customized feed reader works for you.

How Does Design Your Own RSS XML Feeder work?

This application retrieves the contents of selected XML RSS feeds and derives specific XML element data values from each item in the feed reader. This is performed by mapping the XML element with the SQL server database tables column. This helps in bringing only selected items from the feed reader. Simply put, it has been customized as per the reader’s preference. Design Your Own RSS XML feeder has been created as a generalized solution which has the capability to process any valid XML file. During this processing stage, this amazing app extracts wanted data based on the mapping information fed in the database table.

Why Go For Potenza Global Solutions DYO XML Feeder?

Potenza Global Solutions with its team of dynamic and knowledgeable application developers has always looked forward to automation of tasks. With this application, it provides an opportunity to users to get the information that is useful to them. It helps in minute filtering of data, in this era of information overload. The process performed by Design Your Own RSS XML feeder is independent of any third party component. The most important benefit of this application is that you can schedule it to repeat the process of fetching the important data, from your feed reader, and importing it into the MSSQL Server Database on an everyday basis. This application can help you save much time and use it productively. It also helps you get the most of your feed reader and helps you avoid confusions.
Creativity with technology can work wonders for you! Get this unique application today to get the most important information right at your fingertips!