DYO - Ebay Feed

Get eBay Feed File in different format

A platter served as per your unique requirements is certainly pleasing to personal preference. Anything that gives you the freedom to do things your way will be your first preference. To give this freedom to end users Potenza Global Solutions has introduced a novel application line- Do Your Own Application. This product line has given flexibility to users to do things their way. Do Your Own eBay Feed is the new application that we have brought forth owing to the extreme talent and creativity our app developers possess. This application helps in simplifying a number of tasks which may otherwise take hours to complete.

What Does Do Your Own (DYO) eBay Feed Application do?

DYO eBay Feed is an innovative application that serves as an eBay pricing feed. It is a generic app that converts pricing feed file into specific formats. This helps the users in getting the eBay feed file in a format which is convenient for users. Mapping logic defined in the application it helps fetching data from one or more input files.

Following are the tasks performed by this revolutionizing Application:

  • Re orders columns in existing pricing feed
  • Changes the file format from tab-delimited to CSV
  • Renames the column headers
  • Gives ability to add some additional information 
  • Enables users to add a new column based on some calculation on two or more columns in the inventory file
  • Helps in adding some calculation on two column values where both columns do not belong to the same files
  • Helps calculate discount based on some formula and includes  a discount price column in the file
The tasks performed in this application are based on the mapping details in the app. The converted file can be later used as an input in some other ERP system.

Benefits of Potenza Global Solutions’ DYO eBay Feed Application:

  • Multiple calculations can be performed in a minute by feeding mapping details
  • Simplifies calculations
  • Makes existing feed compatible with targeted ERP system’s feed format specification
  • Can fetch data from one or more input files 
  • Easy to use app
Viewing the benefits of this amazing app, we can say that DYO eBay Feed Application is surely a winner. It creates a win-win situation for itself and its users. 
Get this application which provides an output which can be used in multiple ways. Be smarter than your competitors!