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Ability to define the things you want, and the way you want them is essential for self-attainment. Personalization is the new trend that every business is following. Any product or service, which can be customized as per the needs of the customers, attains a winning position in the market. Potenza Global Solutions has always emphasized in meeting the unique needs of the customer. It has always believed in giving its customers what exactly they need. Do Your Own Application is our novel product line that powers the users to perform complicated tasks independently. One novel creation in this line is Do Your Own Business Process application, which aims to simplify tasks. It serves as an online flowchart maker that simplifies your business processes.

What is Do Your Own Business Process?

It is an application which can be used to define and understand a business process. It serves as a tool to create online flowchart so that a specific business process can be understood at one glance. Using the predefined shapes in the app, you can create different steps of a process just by dragging and dropping.

Features and Benefits of Do Your Own Business Process:

This application helps you define the different steps in your business process. It provides predefined shapes to help you create the entire flow chart of the process.
  • Properties - In each step there are customized properties including summary, status, comments, and attachments, which help you completely personalize the business flow. You can add a number of features to explain the business process in detail.
  • Drag and Drop functionality - With the use of this brilliant feature of this online flowchart maker, you can drag and drop different shapes as per your convenience and ease of use.
  • Connection between the steps – The steps that you define in the business process will be interlinked or connected with each other via an arrow called ‘Direction’. This arrow helps in defining the sequence of steps in this online flowchart maker.
  • Tags – This is an important feature of the Do Your Own Business Process application. Using this feature, you can assign tags to every step in the process. Later on these tags can be used to search processes. Simply put, these tags help perform search across various processes and sub-processes.
  • Favorites – This feature lets you add any process to favorites for quick access. All you need to do is drag the process to favorites.

Reasons To Choose DYO Business Process by Potenza Global Solutions:


Potenza Global Solutions with its power to create innovative and user friendly applications offers its best with this app. This application is so simple to use that even a novice smart phone user can easily understand the steps involved in using the app. Business processes get much more simplified with this easy to use application. The features required to create the business process are clearly laid out in front of the user. Simple drag and drop, in this online flowchart maker, can help users decode complicated business processes and get a simplified business process.
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