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Blending creativity with technical expertise, Potenza Global Solutions creates benchmark software solutions for businesses across the world. Launching itself in the IT industry in the year 2002, Potenza Global Solutions has armed itself with more than decade of experience. Serving the software requirements of small, medium, and large scale industries, it has gained the expertise to serve different business verticals. Our solutions have helped businesses grow and gain an edge over their competitors. It’s more than a decade of stint in the IT industry has proved to the world that it is a successful IT company.

Despite the modest start, Potenza Global Solutions has emerged as one of the most successful IT companies having a number of satisfied clients. Its solutions have helped businesses gain a number of benefits such as streamlined administration, improved operational efficiency, improved productivity, brand recognition, and high business growth.

Do Your Own Application Line:

The recent DYO app line or Do Your Own Application line is like a jewel in the crown of Potenza Global Solutions. These DYO applications power the users to perform tasks based on automation. They save a great deal of time of the users and usher in greater convenience. With this amazing app, users can get what exactly they need in the way they want. Simply put, it is like a personalized platter. DYO application line has been successful and has gained huge response from the users. We provide the best to our clients. We not just understand their business plans to frame the solutions but also provide them suggestions about the solutions that are best suited for their business. Following are the reasons why you should go for Potenza Global Solutions for meeting your software or IT requirements:

Customization –

This is the USP of our business. We provide customized solutions that match the unique requirements of our clients. We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of our client’s business.

Expertise –

We have a talented team of developers who work with dedication and commitment to deliver top-notch solutions. With deep knowledge about the platform they are working for, our developers have been successful in creating highly scalable solutions.


With more than a decade of experience in the IT industry, Potenza Global Solutions has established itself as a top class development company. It has learned its lessons and also served businesses of different sizes.


Our developers not just go by the rule book. By engaging in out of the box thinking they exceed the expectations of the client.

Knowledge is power-

Our expert developers not only remain updated with the latest changes in the software so that they can deliver you the best of the available technology. Technology is never constant it keeps on changing. We believe that walking hand-in-hand with changing technology is the key to success in this competitive world.

Beat the competition and be a market leader by utilizing our top-class IT solutions. Contact us today and be a winner forever! Read more

Clients Speak

  • Monto Team is great to work with. We have started working on a number of other projects. Would highly recommend.

    Brett Feagans

    Owner Feagans Systems Development
    Brett Feagans
  • Montos did a great job on my project I would highly recommend them to work for you. Montos stepped in recoded the project quickly, without error and to perfection. If you dont want to waste your time and money pick Montos from the start. Thanks again for the great work.

    Carlos Gonzales

    Implementation specialist
    Carlos Gonzales
  • I am amazed to see the commitment level of this team. The project was completed before schedule and with complete satisfaction. I was very happy with their reporting structure and their proactive approach towards project functionality. I can simply say 'Thanks Guy!'.

    Evan Tardy

    CEO, Evantardy.com
    Evan Tardy
  • The team was extremely professional and efficient. They were very responsive to our questions and were available to discuss everyday on Skype (message chat). Any outstanding questions were promptly responded to overnight our time so we receive them first thing in the morning...

    Jeremy Wong

    Founder of DIV TAG LLC
    Jeremy Wong
  • So glad I found this ace and incredibly professional company! I highly recommend - will be going back for more!

    Matt Green

    Cofounder of I Mission You LLC
    Matt Green
  • We have 3 websites and we have used over 10 different programmers / developers over the period of 6 years. It is easy to find skillful and Knowledgeable people in this field but there are very few you can trust because...

    Mohit Jagvani

    Mohit Jagvani
  • Monto is a detail-oriented IT Team who watches the complete software development process in detail without ever losing the sight of the strategic objective.

    Nicholas Maundar

    Co-Founder at StayReview.com
    Nicholas Maundar
  • The Monto team did a great job for me. They made all the changes that I asked for and never complained about all of the revisions. I would certainly hire them again in the future.

    Rob Cesrnino

    Owner, Rob has a website
    Rob Cesrnino
  • What can we say ! -- Exceptional team ! .. Potenza stuck to the task and worked really hard to get the deliverables exactly the way we wanted. We had very specific requirements and they met every requirement. We will definitely consider this team for all our future projects.

    Ryan Vaught

    Entrepreneur & Broker
    Ryan Vaught
  • Team at Monto Technologies have been some of the best providers of web development that I have ever worked with. By far the best Windows based development team I have used for outsourcing projects. Very professional, and always delivered quality work.

    Shannon sofield

    PayLoadz.com and Batchex.com
    Shannon sofield
  • Monto Technologies team members are dedicated individuals thriving for perfection and customer satisfaction. I have appreciated his dedication to my projects and his availability to discuss, adjust and change schedule and delivrables on an ongoing basis

    Sylvain Cardinal

    Disponible - Dessinateur, Gestion Produit, Pré-ven
    Sylvain Cardinal
  • Great, very quick turn around and got exactly what I needed. Thanks!!

    Tina Iftody

    Realtor at NOW Real Estate Group
    Tina Iftody
  • Very fast development as required. showed great potential and quick action to feedback. Will defiantly continue to use.

    Trent Allday

    Lead Technical Manager at Sope Web Technologies
    Trent Allday
  • I am amazed to see the commitment level of this team. The project was completed before schedule and with complete satisfaction. I was very happy with their reporting structure and their proactive approach towards project functionality. I can simply say 'Thanks Guy!'.

    Trevor Monaghan

    Chartered Accountant and Business Valuer, Climax B
    Trevor Monaghan

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